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The success of the Citizens Planning Institute has prompted inquiries from many individuals, agencies, and nonprofit organizations across the country seeking to set up similar kinds of educational opportunities for citizen planners. Cities we have shared our experiences with include San Antonio, Omaha, Pittsburgh, Seattle, Charlotte, N.C., Chattanooga, Baton Rouge, Miami, Cambridge, MA, Indianapolis, Phoenix, and Providence, RI.

From the beginning, the Program has been built to sustain its mission through a process of continuous improvement. A number of resources were consulted to develop course materials suited to our target audience, including comparing different models of delivering community planning information in other places. 

Evaluation forms turned in after each class, online surveys and focus groups are used to incorporate feedback about content and course structure. There is a continuous process of honing course content to be relevant, understandable, and enjoyable.

CPI has offered classes in the past on "making your organization more effective" and will be sharing more resources on this topic in the "Resources" pages of this website.




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