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The Philadelphia Citizens Planning Institute has received national recognition as a replicable model for citizen engagement. Due to great demand and the need for building neighborhood capacity, we are exploring possibilities for expanding the outreach and diversifying the programming.

The Special Projects pages of our website will share new initiatives that expand the programming and outreach of the CPI. Strategies for expansion were identified during the planning process for the 2017 Strategic Vision.

Our Vision: 

Citizens throughout the City of Philadelphia are meaningfullly engaged in planning for their communities and the City. CPI is the "front door" for grassroots planning and a central hub for a wide reaching network of empowered community advocates.

Our Values:
  • Creating a friendly and supportive, high quality learning environment.
  • Delivering information to encourage critical thinking which is consistent regardless of audience.
  • Inspiring learners to connect with other like-minded community contributors.
  • Collaborating with respected knowledge experts from public and private sectors.


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