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  • Citizens ToolKit strawberry mansion

    Getting Neighbors to Lend a Hand

    Tonnetta Graham loves Strawberry Mansion’s big historic houses, but sees residents struggling to...

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    How to Improve Your Community Group

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  • Citizens ToolKit eastern north philadelphia

    Connecting with Neighbors One at a Time

    Naida Burgos wanted to work on behalf of her community in Eastern North Philadelphia. She got her...

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  • Citizens ToolKit germantown

    Teaching Developers the Value of Community

    In Germantown, Betty Turner saw an increasing number of properties getting redeveloped, and an...

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  • Citizens ToolKit powelton village

    Getting a Seat at the Table with a University

    When Mike Jones moved to Powelton Village in 1998, he could see the neighborhood was changing...

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  • Citizens ToolKit east kensington

    Attracting Needed Businesses

    John Theobald and James Wright have both been involved in the efforts to bring new businesses and...

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  • Citizens ToolKit hunting park

    Resurrecting a Neighborhood Park

    When Leroy Fisher returned from the Marines to his home of Hunting Park in the early 1990s, he saw...

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  • Planners In Action lower moyamensing

    Anthony Fasano

    "I'm helping find a location for a local food co-op in my neighborhood." At his first general...

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  • Citizens ToolKit tioga

    Putting a Commercial Corridor on the Map

    Sheila Howard returned to her neighborhood of Tioga and found that it no longer had the businesses...

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