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On this page you'll find links to relevant websites, events and documents related to these kinds of topics:
Safety Issues

Police crime maps and statistics - See what crime incidents have happened within a give area and timeframe.


Philly 311 - Submit requests to the City for non-emergency maintenance, including cleaning up vacant lots, cleaning up trash dumped on the sidewalk or street, street lamp outtages, potholes, abandoned vehicles, vacant buildings that aren't sealed, and more!

311 Neighborhood Liaison Program - Neighborhood Liaisons have extra capabilities when using 311. See their calendar for a list of upcoming training opportunities.

Community Clean-Up Resource Guide - A step-by-step guide to hosting a clean-up in your neighborhood, courtesy of Keep Philadelphia Beautiful

In-School Presentations on Litter & Recycling - Keep Philadelphia Beautiful will provide free middle/elementary and high school presentations on litter/recycling or composting

Gardens, Parks, and Other Green Spaces

Philadelphia Park Friends Group Toolkit - A Guide for Beginning and Sustaining Park Friends Groups

Neighborhood Gardens Trust - Philadelphia’s largest land trust- dedicated to preserving and supporting community gardens and other shared open spaces across the city. NGT’s work is grounded in the belief that an equitable and sustainable city is one in which all neighborhoods have vibrant green spaces for residents to cultivate food, flowers, and community.

How to Own or Lease Vacant Land - There are a number of ways to get access to a piece of land in Philadelphia. Grounded in Philly has a list that includes many of them.

Community Garden Resources - legal info, gardening guides, and more from Grounded in Philly


TreePhilly - Philadelphia Parks & Recreation program that provides free street trees and yard trees to those who request them.