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On this page you'll find links to relevant websites, events and documents related to these kinds of topics:

OpenMaps - Maps of RCO boundaries, parks, L&I violations, building permits, rental licenses and more!

Policymap - Provides maps and statistics of demographics, real estate, crime, health, schools, housing, employment, energy, public investments, and more.


Property Search -  view property owners, date of last sale, and current value assessment for any property in Philadelphia. 

Stormwater Billing Map - Another accurate source for property ownership information

Greater Philadelphia GeoHistory Network - a wealth of maps and historical information from the Anthenaeum Society.

Historic Photo Archive - Search 120,000+ historic photos and maps of Philadelphia by address, keyword, date & more. Read stories behind the photos on the Philly History blog.


Zoning Maps - see OpenMaps 

Zoning Appeals Database - Search for upcoming zoning cases by RCO boundaries, Council district, date and more!

Zoning Appeals Information - Information on how to file a zoning or L&I appeal, including PDFs of the relevant forms.

Zoning Administrative Manual - Step-by-step information on approval processes and other aspects of the new zoning code.

Zoning Code “Quick Reference Guide” - Provides illustrative examples for each zoning district, basic measurements and standards, and categories of allowed uses.

Zoning Code - This website provides access to all titles of the Philadelphia Code, including the Zoning Code, Title 14 of the Philadelphia Code.