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What kind of resources do you want to find?

Making "resources" available on our website was ranked the highest strategy by survey respondants during our Strategic Vision planning processes. Many people cited the importance of having "up-to-date best practices" but didn't provide specifics about what kinds of resources they'd like to see.

We're counting on hearing from YOU! What kinds of resources do you want to find? What resources have you found that would benefit other citizen planners?

Thanks for your contributions!

  • tree of neighborhood revitalization website

Our "Tree of Neighborhood Revitalization" features the resource categories we'll use to provide links to relevant websites, events and documents: 

Promote Your Community

  • Marketing
  • Business District 
  • Special Events
  • Branding & Neighborhood Identity
  • Outreach & Engagement

Make it Safe, Clean, and Green

  • Safety
  • Clean-ups
  • Public Spaces
  • Gardens, Parks, and other green places

Improve Your Built Environment

  • Buildings
  • Streetscapes- the public spaces between buildings
  • Infrastructures- streets, utilities
  • Parking and transit
  • Zoning

Develop Assets

  • People- skill building
  • Economic asset
  • Institutional Assets
  • Real Estate
  • Technology
  • Planning

Get Organized

  • Organizational development
  • Managing Volunteers
  • Sustainability- keeping your organization going
  • Achievements- recognition
  • workbook cover

Neighborhood Planning Workbook, 2020 edition

10 minute video introduction to RCOs:
PCPC Learning Module 1-Intro to RCOs

10 minute video about RCO Notification & Development Process:
PCPC Learning Module 2-RCO Processes

10 minute video intro to Zoning!
PCPC Learning Module 3- Zoning 101