Our Philadelphia Working Group

The Philadelphia City Planning Commission (PCPC) is charter-mandated to keep a current comprehensive plan to guide the city’s growth and development. In 2009, PCPC launched the current plan, Philadelphia2035. PCPC is now preparing an update called Our Philadelphia.

Our Philadelphia looks to promote more equitable investment across all neighborhoods. PCPC is looking for graduates of the Citizens Planning Institute and members of the Our Philadelphia Steering Committee to join a Working Group in preparation for future engagement efforts. The Working Group will provide a space for residents and staff to collaborate on how best to conduct educational processes within priority communities. This will lay the foundation so residents can fully engage in the update of the comprehensive plan.

Four participants looking at a zoning map.


  • Resident of Philadelphia, not a city employee
  • Citizen Planner or member of Our Philadelphia Steering Committee
  • Access to a computer and strong internet connection
  • Ability to attend in-person meetings Wednesday nights, April 3 – May 22, 5:30-8pm(16 hours)
  • Ability to complete approximately 8 hours of individual work

Additional Considerations:

We’d like to collaborate with Philadelphia-based, Citizen Planning Institute graduates who are community organizers, advocates, engagement practitioners, and community members who can offer their knowledge in engaging with at least one of the priority audiences below:

  • Racial minority
  • Ethnic minority
  • Foreign-born
  • Limited English Proficiency
  • Low-income
  • LGBTQ+ population
  • People with disabilities
  • Returning residents
  • People experiencing homelessness/housing insecurity
  • Families with children/youth
  • Families with seniors (65+)

Application Process & Timeline:

The application will be posted as an online form on CPI’s website and shared via email and our private social media groups. Applications will open on February 7 and close on March 6. The first round of selected applicants will be invited for a brief conversation with members of the Comprehensive Planning Team. There are 12 spots available in the Working Group.


Working Group members will receive a stipend of $1,200. This will be sent in two payments, one at the beginning of April and one at the end of May. You will be required to provide a W9 and will receive a 1099 for tax reasons.

The Work:

  1. Co-creating materials that community partners will use during the Our Philadelphia Comprehensive Plan engagement. This may include the following:
    1. One Pager/trifold brochure explaining what comprehensive planning is, why the City is pursuing this now, topics covered, how the process will move forward and why public participation is vital.
    2. A slide deck and script to use in community meetings.
    3. A Conversational Toolkit to assist in talking about the plan with friends and family.
    4. Guides on how to conduct engagement events.
    5. A video script.
    6. Survey questions and interview guide for “On the Ground” hubs.
    7. A component that engages youth.
  2. Help identify potential community partners.
  3. Design a community-led launch for Our Philadelphia plan in September 2024.
  4. Work with consultants as needed, such as Storytelling consultant and DEI consultant.

 If you have the interest and time to get more deeply involved, we encourage you to apply by March 6! 


Sign up for Evening Office Hours

Thursday, February 22 at 6pm

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Sign up for Lunchtime Office Hours

Wednesday, February 28 at 1pm

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • When and where will the application be available?

    The application will be posted as an online form on CPI’s website and shared via email and our private social media groups. Applications will open on February 7 and close on March 6 at 11:59pm.

  • When will applicants be notified about a decision?

    Applicants will be notified by the end of March about acceptance to the Working Group. Staff may conduct phone interviews between March 11-22. 

  • Why is this opportunity only open to Citizen Planners?

    The application will be open only to Citizen Planners who are not city employees and community members in the Our Philadelphia Steering Committee. Citizen Planners sit at the intersection of understanding planning and what would work best for the communities they are a part of, and so we think activating this network makes sense for the task of creating engagement materials. The Our Philadelphia Steering Committee has been working on setting guiding principles.

  • How will payments be issued?
    • There will be two bulk payments – one toward the beginning of our time together, and the other at the end. 
    • Please note that if selected you will be required to submit a W9 and an ACH form for direct deposit at your bank. 
  • I'm not available for one meeting, do I still qualify?

    Yes! While we expect you to be able to attend most of the meetings, we understand that things can come up. You will be able to make up a meeting asynchronously 

  • Who are the priority audiences or communities?

    We have geographic priority communities based on DVRPC’s Indicators of Potential Disadvantage data analysis. And we have the following identity-based priority communities: Racial minority; Ethnic minority; Foreign-born; Limited English proficiency; Low-income; LGBTQ+ population; People with disabilities; Returning residents; People experiencing homelessness/housing insecurity; Families with children/youth; Families with seniors (65+). 

  • I just want to make sure this isn’t to simply check the box for engagement.

    PCPC is centering inclusivity, social justice, and racial equity in the Our Philadelphia comprehensive plan. We will conduct extensive and intentional engagement with residents of the city in order to incorporate residents’ input into the plan. 

  • Will there be partnerships with community groups, rec centers, and businesses associations available?

    PCPC will partner with community partners (like community groups, business associations, etc.) and other city departments to host a variety of engagement activities. Community partners will be compensated! This working group is carving out a space for individuals to co-create materials that will be used in these engagement activities conducted by community partners.