Fall 2023 Class Recap

The Fall 2023 course was our first time back IN-PERSON since 2019. We received 145 applications from all over the city. Take a look at the demographic breakdown of applicants and the selected cohort (percentages are for 2023 data):

The Fall 2023 cohort had the opportunity to pilot several initiatives for CPI. They were the first cohort to receive the new CPI in a Box prototype. Participants shared praise for the resources and commented on how they would like more continuous guidance on using materials throughout the course.

“The CPI box will get you ready to get involved, or help you improve what you have going on immediately.”

“…Well designed, enjoyed carrying it around the city. When I saw a classmate with it after the class it was easy to go up to them and strike a conversation…”

~ Class Participants

To provide more peer support and network building opportunities, CPI piloted a Match Program (which pairs current participants with alumni based on shared geographic proximity or skills and interests) and an alumni-exclusive directory. Twenty-seven of the current cohort participated in the match program. We already heard back from folks making connections in their neighborhoods through the directory.

New cohort members met their matches at the pre-course happy hour.

Alum Aazim Muhammad (in blue hat) stands between his peer matches proudly holding their certificates of completion.

Alumni Amanda Vaden smiling with her two peer matches Raven Green and Francois Chargois.

Another peer match group, from left to right: Francois Chargois, Amanda Vaden, and Raven Arnold-Green.

Staff was thrilled to have an engaged cohort willing to delve deep in discussion. Issues that were recurring topics of interest for this cohort included: Housing availability and affordability, Access of publicly owned land for community uses, and Pedestrian/traffic safety. Many of their final projects addressed these themes.

Four participants looking at a zoning map.

Final Project Samples

  • Making a safer intersection: 27th Street & Pennsylvania Avenue

    by Claire Byrnes & Dustin Dove

  • Photo Essay: Protecting Black History in Mantua

    by Derrick Pratt

  • Pre-Approved Housing Plans

    by Mathew Keen

  • Congratulations to the following Philadelphians for completing the CPI course!

    Jennifer Allen
    Raven Arnold-Green
    Dimka Braswell
    Joyce Brooks
    Claire Byrnes
    Francois Chargois
    Dustin Dove
    Carmela Dow
    Athena Dugan
    Dee Dukes
    David Evans
    Kiana Gonzalez
    Shkelqim Hajdinaj
    Malik Henry
    Stacey Holder
    Tracie Jackson
    Mathew Keen
    Alise McFarland
    Sasha Mendez
    Samantha Mogil
    Jane Pechera
    Suzanne Ponsen
    Derrick Pratt
    Leilani Pritchett
    Michele Rhett
    Antoine Robinson
    Anjelica Sanders
    Teresa Saunders
    Brandon Tubby
    Giovannie Vilomar