CPI has received a Pew Charitable Trust & Robert Wood Johnson Grant that is supporting the redesign of the CPI website and “CPI-in-a-Box” prototype. Our partner for this work is Jefferson University and their “Park in a Truck” project.

What Is “CPI-in-a-Box”?

A custom educational and outreach set of tools for Citizen Planners to share with their communities, “CPI-in-a-Box” will provide another level of capacity building for Citizen Planners that we are not able to address in the eight-week course. This project is responding to a stated desire from alumni, and is one of CPI’s Strategic Vision actions. We are excited to have the following Citizen Planners co-creating this product with us! Congratulations to them! Our consultant team, Gamar Markarian and Sarah Kontos, is transforming content into compelling-to-use tools.