CPI in a Box

“CPI-in-a-Box” is a custom educational and outreach set of tools for Citizen Planners to share with their communities. It hopes to provide another level of capacity building for Citizen Planners that we are not able to address in the eight-week course. The theory of change is that the Box will help Citizen Planners better engage their communities, increasing grassroots capacity to advance community-driven solutions. The Box also responds to a stated desire from CPI alumni (and a goal listed in CPI’s strategic plan) for a way to bring learnings
back to their communities. Currently, the Box is being tested by alumni of the program.

This project is possible thanks to the support of a Pew Charitable Trust & Robert Wood Johnson grant.


Citizen Planner Gloria holding the new CPI in a Box. She's wearing a yellow top and jeans.

The contents in the Box are divided into five folders: Welcome, Research, Action, Engagement, and Celebrate.

The Welcome Folder includes a Road Map and an Introduction to Planning primer for orientation purposes.

While CPI in a Box is free to use, please consider registering as a Box User. We rely on you to know how the tools are working.

CPI in a Box contents spread out on a surface you can see all folders.

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