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I would like to say the best part for me was meeting so many competent leaders. Every person I met is working so hard and with such heart to do good! 

--Citizen Planner, Fall 2014 

There are many benefits for graduates of CPI! They include:

  • Attending, teaching or suggesting topics for future CPI special topic classes
  • Accessing the amazing network of fellow Citizen Planners
  • Having a guaranteed spot at the annual graduation
  • Free registration for Community Development Leadership Institute sessions with the Philadelphia Association of Community Development Corporations (PACDC)
  • Connecting with other Citizen Planners and get information on grants, job learning opportunities, and more via our private Citizen Planner Facebook group.

Join the Alumni Committee

The Alumni Committe helps plan events by Citizen Planners, for Citizen Planners like neighborhood tours, bike rides, and outdoor film screenings.

We made this neighborhood tour guide to make things easy!

As people who have been through the program know, the most powerful part of CPI is the people you meet and the connections you make. These events support those special Citizen Planner interactions and create new connections.  

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I was very inspired by the various groups from neighborhoods that I never heard of before and their ability to make so many positive changes within this city.

--Citizen Planner, Fall 2012 


Stay Connected!

Do you want to request an elective topic or volunteer to teach a CPI class? Do you want to be featured on our Citizen Planners in Action page? Contact us!

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Happy Hours

CPI graduates are invited to welcome the latest incoming cohort of CPI participants at our annual fall and spring happy hours!

Next Happy Hour will be on April 1- 5:00-7:00pm Porta Philadelphia,1216 Chestnut Street!

Annual Graduation Event

Citizen Planners always receive a personal invitation and guaranteed spot at the Philadelphia City Planning Commission's Annual Celebration! Over 200 people attend this annual event which includes opening remarks from the Mayor.  

Citizen Planners Do Amazing Things

Citizen Planners have gone on to form civic associations, non-profits, "friends of" groups, RCOs, zoning committees and meet-up groups.

They have also:

  • Preserved greenspace
  • Drafted strategic plans
  • Formed neighborhood conservation overlays
  • Testified at City Hall
  • Fundraised for community amenities
  • Conducted neighborhood surveys
  • Organized clean-ups
  • Created Neighborhoods websites
  • Obtained Community Design Collaborative grants
  • Become members of Boards
Citizen Planners in Action

See Your Peers in Action!

Read inspiring stories about fellow Citizen Planners getting things done in their neighborhoods!