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Success Stories:

Citizens Toolkit germantown

Teaching Developers the Value of Community

In Germantown, Betty Turner saw an increasing number of properties getting redeveloped, and an increasing number of neighbors concerned that new owners were not building in a way that kept the...

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Citizens Toolkit east kensington

Attracting Needed Businesses

John Theobald and James Wright have both been involved in the efforts to bring new businesses and activity to East Kensington’s Frankford Avenue: John as a board member of New Kensington Community...

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Citizens Toolkit tioga

Putting a Commercial Corridor on the Map

Sheila Howard returned to her neighborhood of Tioga and found that it no longer had the businesses that every community needs to thrive.  No dry cleaners, no places to eat breakfast, etc. "The...

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Citizens Toolkit hunting park

Resurrecting a Neighborhood Park

When Leroy Fisher returned from the Marines to his home of Hunting Park in the early 1990s, he saw a neighborhood of crime, drugs and disinvestment.  He knew he wanted to help, but wasn’t sure how....

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Citizens Toolkit east parkside

Getting Home Repairs

Joyce Smith saw a connection between home maintenance and blight from abandoned houses in her neighborhood of East Parkside.  “For me, my main concern has always been our housing stock,” Joyce said....

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Citizens Toolkit eastwick

Stopping a 50-Year Old Development Plan

Ramona Rousseau-Reid and a few of her neighbors had just formed a group called the Eastwick Action Committee (EAC) when a resident spotted engineers doing land survey work on a vast parcel of wooded...

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