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Lucia Esther

Zoning gives my neighborhood a voice.


February 14, 2016


West Powelton


Spring 2012

Lucia applied to be part of the CPI because she felt it would help her learn the new zoning code, make a long range plan for West Powelton, make the best use of the community’s vacant land, and secure funding for their projects. Lucia also hoped to learn how to work with outside developers in her community. Lucia felt that her community needed more trees and open green space for gardens, playing and sitting. She also felt that they needed to work to retain their historical buildings and the architectural styles in the neighborhood, since the new developments were not doing so.

Since graduating from the CPI, Lucia has become the chairperson of the West Powelton/Saunders Park RCO and is a member of the 2035 University/Southwest Plan Steering Committee. She also participated in the Crosstown Coalition meetings regarding signs, zoning and AVI works with Move-On to help build the capacity of West Philadelphia RCOs.

Lucia testified at City Hall on November 16 and December 4, 2012 in favor of RCOS and their regulations and against removing any regulations. Lucia attends monthly PCPC meetings, has won 2 cases before the ZBA against apartments (429 N 41 & 4122 Haverford), and her RCO is now involved in its first ZBA case under new rules. Lucia also attended the Next City conference on commercial corridors.

Lucia continues to return and learn by attending elective classes in every CPI session!