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Kelli Bosak

I promoted CPI to my clients.


January 7, 2015


Cobbs Creek


Spring 2012

As a new resident to Philadelphia, CPI offered Kelli the opportunity to learn directly from government officials and organizations about the inner workings of city planning as well as to connect that information directly to residents of the West Philadelphia neighborhood where she lives and works.

Kelli serves in an AmeriCorps role with LIFT-Philadelphia. Her work with LIFT involves recruiting and training students and committed volunteers to work one-on-one with community members to find jobs, locate affordable housing, file taxes, apply for public benefits, and connect with other resources and opportunities in Philadelphia.

Kelli also coordinates and manages the LIFT office space with a team of AmeriCorps members where community members can come and meet with trained volunteers, attend workshops, and connect to resources.

Kelli also devotes her time as an ESL tutor at IHM Literacy Center and as a volunteer with the National Park Service at Independence National Historical Park.

Kelli believes that the recent changes in the zoning law and the new district plans, allow for significant re-visioning and re-assessment of what our communities can be and allow for greater room for Philadelphia residents to be a part of that change.

Since graduating from CPI in the Spring of 2012, Kelli has become more involved in working with the Mill Creek Planning Council by attending events to promote awareness regarding the changes to voter ID laws.

Kelli has also connected many of her clients to information about the new zoning code, posted flyers advertising CPI workshops and applied for Registered Community Organization (RCO) status for LIFT. She has remained connected to CPI by assisting with the facilitation of community planning meetings to gather feedback within the Center City and West Philadelphia districts.