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Jeff Carpineta

I helped revitalize my neighborhood playground.


February 13, 2016


East Kensington


2010 Pilot Program

Jeff applied to be part of the CPI because he believes that community organizations have a duty to learn from the best, to really know what they are talking about regarding zoning and planning, to utilize each learning opportunity and then to share all that they know with their community. Jeff is past president of East Kensington Neighbors Association.

Jeff particularly felt that there was urgency for him to take part in the CPI because his neighborhood did not have a current neighborhood plan, and the district planning and remapping process would be a key moment of resident engagement that would shape the future of the neighborhood.

Jeff was passionate about zoning and planning, but had no formal training in architecture, design or planning, and felt that he remained at a deficit. The CPI was a dream-come-true for him to actually be able to study in a more formal structure, surrounded by both the people who really know the concepts/process and those who have come to the CPI to learn because they love their communities so deeply.

Since graduating from the CPI, Jeff has done ongoing testimony regarding administrative procedures within the zoning code and has advocated for provisions regarding urban agriculture, mixed-use developments, etc.

Jeff has assisted with the revitalization of Hagert Street Playground and started a Neighborhood Planning Process with Interface Studios. Jeff has continued his work to secure Emerald Park and has done advocacy work for a Land Bank Proposal. Jeff has also been engaged with homebuilders to improve their designs and to eliminate most front loading garages.