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Carolyn Moseley

I am trying to use tourism to bring jobs to my neighborhood.


February 11, 2016




Fall 2012

Carolyn enrolled in the CPI to enhance her knowledge & skills in community planning and organizing. Carolyn hoped to use the information she gained from the CPI in her efforts to develop an effective organizational structure for a nonprofit organization she was working to create.

Carolyn has been a resident of Eastwick for 13 years. During that time, Carolyn has observed the decline of what she considers to be one of the most desirable neighborhoods in the city.

The nonprofit Carolyn hopes to start will facilitate the involvement of Eastwick community members in the planning and development efforts taking place in the neighborhood that have the potential to shape the future of Eastwick.

A bunch of people sit and talk with each other in rows of tiered seating.

Eastwick Action/ Eastwick Friends and Neighbors Coalition and the representative from the Lower Southwest Community convene to discuss economic development strategies. Carolyn (far left) and Craig Maledosian are Chairpersons of this committee.

Currently, Carolyn serves as the chairperson of a sub-committee created to increase tourism in Eastwick and other surrounding Lower Southwest communities. The sub-committee is comprised of representatives of local retailers, tourist attractions, government and residents and was formed in response to the proposed $6.9 billion airport expansion.

After conducting a preliminary assessment of the existing infrastructure, location and tourist attractions, residents realized that the establishment of a tourism sub-committee could prove to be a viable economic development tool that will provide sustainable employment opportunities, promote local tourist attractions and businesses and generate tax revenue for the City of Philadelphia.

The sub-committee is now working toward creating a plan that will serve as part of the vision for the economic restoration of Eastwick and other surrounding communities in Lower Southwest Philadelphia.