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Alain Joinville

I organized jazz concerts so neighbors could meet each other.


February 12, 2016




Fall 2012

Alain is a Public Affairs Coordinator, recently elected Board Chair of Francisville Neighborhood Development Corporation and member of Young Involved Philadelphians. Through his work with the Francisville Neighborhood Development Corporation, he has confronted neighborhood tension with the starting of Jazz concerts every first Friday where neighbors are encouraged to introduce themselves to someone new.

He has made it his goal to obtain positive media coverage for his neighborhood of Francisville in order to attract visitors and residents and share the stories of the people of Francisville in order to counter the negative or slanted news of the area to give people a genuine feel and sense for the area and not just the basic news or development stories. He has continued the work from his CPI course project and continues to interview recent business owners as a Newsworks reporter.

Alain being congratulated by Mayor Nutter at Center for Architecture