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Citizen Planners in Action

Change is inevitable. Citizen Planners have the know-how to address change head on and create a vision for their community’s future. Get inspired by stories about CPI participants making positive changes in their neighborhoods. [Note: All stories are self-reported by participants. CPI is not responsible for any inaccuracies in the reporting of these stories.] 

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Planners in Action francisville

Alain Joinville

"I organized jazz concerts so neighbors could meet each other." Alain is a Public Affairs Coordinator, recently elected Board Chair of Francisville Neighborhood Development Corporation and member of...

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Planners in Action eastwick

Carolyn Moseley

"I am trying to use tourism to bring jobs to my neighborhood."  Carolyn enrolled in the CPI to enhance her knowledge & skills in community planning and organizing. Carolyn hoped to use the...

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Planners in Action germantown

Luke A. Smith

"I helped create a talented and powerful board for my local CDC." Luke applied to the CPI because he felt that the knowledge, skills and connections he would establish through the program would...

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Planners in Action strawberry mansion

Tonnetta Graham

"I mobilized my community to preserve a neighborhood landmark." As a leader in her north Philadelphia community of Strawberry Mansion, Tonnetta feels privileged to be in a position to represent this...

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Planners in Action tioga

Verna Brown-Tyner

"I helped my agency become a Registered Community Organization."  Prior to participating in the Pilot Program of CPI, Verna was already heavily involved in her community. Verna applied to be part of...

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Planners in Action cobbs creek

Kelli Bosak

"I promoted CPI to my clients."   As a new resident to Philadelphia, CPI offered Kelli the opportunity to learn directly from government officials and organizations about the inner workings of city...

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Planners in Action francisville

Drew Kondylas

"I made a friends group for my neighborhood park."  Drew applied to CPI because he wanted to become even more effective in making his neighborhood a better place to live. Through CPI Drew hoped to...

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Planners in Action mill creek

Cassandra Green

"My organization 'adopted' our neighborhood school." Cassandra Green has served as the Executive Director of the Mill Creek Community Partnership, a community outreach initiative, spearheaded by The...

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Planners in Action east parkside

Joyce Smith

"I turned an alley into a neighborhood connector & gathering space." Joyce Smith has been an ambassador for her historic neighborhood of East Parkside since 2009.  As a member and co-founder of...

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