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[Note: All stories are self-reported by participants. CPI is not responsible for any inaccuracies in the reporting of these stories.] 

Planners in Action mayfair

Luka Lakuriqi

“I'm using design to improve & promote my neighborhood.”  CPI sparked Luka’s enthusiasm for improving and celebrating his neighborhood of Mayfair, which he has always loved. While participating in...

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Planners in Action lower moyamensing

Anthony Fasano

"I'm helping find a location for a local food co-op in my neighborhood." At his first general membership meeting for the South Philly Food Co-op, Anthony was asked to join the Real Estate Committee...

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Planners in Action south kensington,passyunk square

Kevin Rodricks

"I created a plan to train high school students to become real estate developers." Kevin used his CPI course project as an opportunity to create a proposal to train high school students to become...

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Planners in Action harrowgate

Marissa Rumpf

"We cleaned up 20 years' worth of trash in Harrowgate Park." Marissa started CPI as someone who was new to her neighborhood, and didn’t have previous community organizing experience. She left CPI as...

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Planners in Action hunting park

Leroy Fisher

"I led the revitalization of Hunting Park." Leroy Fisher was already a seasoned neighborhood activist when he enrolled in CPI. He sees CPI not just as an opportunity to continue to learn how to...

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Planners in Action belmont

Aminata Sandra Calhoun

"I beautified blighted properties." Since graduating CPI, Aminata has gone on to get a dangerous property demolished, have a mural painted, beautify a vacant house, plant trees, get an intersection...

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Planners in Action holmesburg

Greg Trainor

"I'm saving materials from vacant buildings and creating jobs." 07/27/2016 Greg took what he learned at CPI and ran with it! Connections he made and knowledge he obtained through CPI led to major...

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Planners in Action walnut hill,cobbs creek

Akeem Dixon

"I brought bright new streetlights to 52nd Street."  Akeem, a Philadelphia native, is the 52nd Street Commercial Corridor Manager for the Enterprise Center CDC and a Member of the North Central...

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Planners in Action newbold

Miguel Garces

"I started a microgrant program." When Miguel applied to CPI, he wanted to “find ways to play a more active role in actually understanding the community’s needs and how the zoning process can play a...

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