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Linda Rauscher

“I’m bringing environmental education to schools in my neighborhood”

Linda came to Citizens Planning Institute (CPI) in Spring 2011 to learn how to better engage her neighborhood in greening and recycling initiatives.

Since graduating, Linda has used her CPI skills as a Board Member of small nonprofit called Green In Chestnut Hill (GRinCh). GRinCh is a small group 501(c)(3) dedicated to educating the community on environmental issues and helping Northwest Philadelphians take action to protect the environment.

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One way that GRinCh connects residents to green initiatives is through their successful events. The non-profit has hosted several “free-cycle” events that redistribute free clothing, shoes, and accessories donated by community members.

They also organized a branch of the Chestnut Hill Garden Festival called Eco-Alley, a block of green vendors, music, activities, and environmental organizations.

GRinCh also offers several electronics reycling days for Northwest Philadelphia neighborhoods that help reduce the amount of electronic waste that winds up in landfills.

Linda describes how CPI helped:

Through CPI I learned how to make new community partnerships, prepare a more comprehensive outreach plan, and expand upon this successful event. 

These new partnerships include Weavers Way Coop Environmental Committee (WWEC) and PAR-Recycleworks, both neighborhood environmental organizations. Working with new partners resulted in a 15% increase in the amout of electronics waste collected.

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This success also increased donations to GRinCh’s “Green Warrior” Student Grant Program. Increased funding of this program allows GRinCh to offer more micro-grants to local K-12 students. 

To date, GRinCh has provided funds for or partnered with rain and vegetable gardens, educational initiatives like the local Girls Climate Change Summit, and more.

CPI provided Linda with the tools to get her neighbors excited to green Philadelphia!

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Spring 2011
Neighborhood: chestnut hill