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[Note: All stories are self-reported by participants. CPI is not responsible for any inaccuracies in the reporting of these stories.] 

Sheila Buchanan

Hestonville, Fall 2014

Lauren Cliggitt

West Philadelphia, Fall 2019

Marla Oliver, West Philadelphia

“I helped shape my city. You can shape this city too.” After graduating from CPI in 2019, Marla used her knowledge and skills from the Citizens Planning Institute to better her community.


"I use trees and green spaces to improve neighborhoods in West Philadelphia." Kiasha Huling graduated from CPI in the Fall of 2019, where she learned how planning can help her achieve her goal of a greener and fairer Philadelphia.


“I’m a friendly fusser, always getting things cleaned up and fixed.” Since being elected as Block Captain in 1996, Wilma has been the driving force for annual neighborhood “sweeps” of streets and alleys.

Andrew Hart, Brewerytown and Sharswood

“I try to be a catalyst that connects [architecture] students to people.” "You can combine the energy of the student with the knowledge of the resident and get really cool stuff."

DeWayne Drummond, MANTUA

“My grandma always said if you want something, you write it down, you believe it, you speak it to life."

Mia Hylan, MAYFAIR

Spring 2014