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Get inspired by stories about CPI participants making positive changes in their neighborhoods.

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[Note: All stories are self-reported by participants. CPI is not responsible for any inaccuracies in the reporting of these stories.] 

Planners in Action brewerytown,sharswood

Andrew Hart

“I try to be a catalyst that connects [architecture]  students to people.”  "You can combine the energy of the student with the knowledge of the resident and get really cool stuff. [The...

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Planners in Action mantua

DeWayne Drummond

“My grandma always said if you want something, you write it down, you believe it, you speak it to life. And after you speak it, you execute and implement it. We wrote it down, we believed it, we...

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Planners in Action mayfair

Mia Hylan

“I see change as positive. I’m trying to bring more arts to the Northeast because it’s something different, and I’m really proud of the work we’ve done.” Mia graduated from CPI in Spring 2014. She...

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Planners in Action bella vista

Alvaro Drake-Cortes

"I learned from folks who shared their ideas through CPI. I applied these learnings to Bardascino Park, where we targeted three tables to install lights - with the goal of minimizing misuse of the...

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Planners in Action east parkside

Lorraine Gomez

“I brought fresh food, jobs, and a community space to my neighborhood.”  According to Lorraine, The most important thing Citzens Planning Institute taught me is to organize, organize, organize....

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Planners in Action chestnut hill

Linda Rauscher

“I’m bringing environmental education to schools in my neighborhood” Linda came to Citizens Planning Institute (CPI) in Spring 2011 to learn how to better engage her neighborhood in greening and...

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Planners in Action belmont

Bettye Ferguson

“I’m building public spaces for youth, parents, and community members” As President of the Belmont Alliance Civic Association Community Development Association (BACA – CDC), Bettye already had a...

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Planners in Action grays ferry

Warren Bullard

“I helped improve my neighborhood park & playground.”  Warren has done everything from zoning to violence prevention, rec center rehab to community building, in his Grays Ferry neighborhood. The...

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Planners in Action north central philadelphia

Ruth Birchett

“I’m using beautification to stop illegal dumping.”  Ruth Birchett had a problem with illegal dumping of trash in her neighborhood. The 1900 block of North Hemberger Street, which runs behind Ruth’s...

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