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Citizen Planners in Action

Change is inevitable. Citizen Planners have the know-how to address change head on and create a vision for their community’s future. Get inspired by stories about CPI participants making positive changes in their neighborhoods. [Note: All stories are self-reported by participants. CPI is not responsible for any inaccuracies in the reporting of these stories.] 

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Planners in Action west powelton

Kevin Musselman

"I helped dozens of neighbors receive home improvement funds."  Kevin has been working on community development initiatives in Philadelphia since 2006. In his previous role at New Kensington CDC he...

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Planners in Action east kensington

Jeff Carpineta

"I helped revitalize my neighborhood playground." Jeff applied to be part of the CPI because he believes that community organizations have a duty to learn from the best, to really know what they are...

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Planners in Action south kensington

Lisa Maiello & Natania Schaumburg

"We organized community tree planting events."   Lisa Maiello, a graduate of the 2010 pilot CPI course, is the president of South Kensington Community Partners, a community based nonprofit...

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Planners in Action west powelton

Eva Hayes

"I organized a community vacant property survey and reported the results to L&I."  Eva Hayes is a resident of the West Powelton neighborhood in the University Southwest District of Philadelphia. She...

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Planners in Action point breeze

Jennifer Devor

"I formed a Junior Block Captain league for youth on my block."  Jennifer’s home is in the Point Breeze Neighborhood of South Philadelphia and she is currently working with several community groups...

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Planners in Action roxborough

Lynda Payne

"I used a zoning overlay to preserve my neighborhood's character." Lynda is a member of the Roxborough Development Corporation Design Committee as well as the Central Roxborough Civic Association,...

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Planners in Action francisville

Alain Joinville

"I organized jazz concerts so neighbors could meet each other." Alain is a Public Affairs Coordinator, recently elected Board Chair of Francisville Neighborhood Development Corporation and member of...

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Planners in Action eastwick

Carolyn Moseley

"I am trying to use tourism to bring jobs to my neighborhood."  Carolyn enrolled in the CPI to enhance her knowledge & skills in community planning and organizing. Carolyn hoped to use the...

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Planners in Action germantown

Luke A. Smith

"I helped create a talented and powerful board for my local CDC." Luke applied to the CPI because he felt that the knowledge, skills and connections he would establish through the program would...

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