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Change is inevitable. Citizen Planners have the know-how to address change head on and create a vision for their community’s future. Get inspired by stories about CPI participants making positive changes in their neighborhoods. [Note: All stories are self-reported by participants. CPI is not responsible for any inaccuracies in the reporting of these stories.] 

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Planners in Action grays ferry

Kyle Shenandoah

"I helped form an RCO and organize a neighborhood job fair." After graduating from CPI, Kyle Shenandoah helped form a Registered Community Organization (RCO), the Tasker-Morris Neighbors...

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Planners in Action fishtown

Venise Whitaker

“I’m using historic preservation and zoning to maintain neighborhood character” Venise Whitaker has always considered herself a rebel. From an early age she was taught to fight for what she...

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Planners in Action north central philadelphia

Jacqueline Wiggins

“I organized with my neighbors to shape the change happening in our community.”  At the center of Jackie Wiggins’s work is ensuring that historically underrepresented communities have access to...

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Planners in Action cobbs creek

Larissa Mogano

"I started a civic association and RCO in my neighborhood."  Larissa Mogano started small when she bought her house in Cobbs Creek in 2006. It took her 10 years of getting to know her neighborhood,...

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Planners in Action point breeze

Jasmine Sadat

“I connect CDCs and community groups with state funding opportunities.” Jasmine Sadat already had a Master’s Degree in City Planning when she participated in CPI, but she had received her planning...

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Planners in Action olney,lower moyamensing

Philip Green

"I’m working to stop litter at its source on North 5th Street.” Philip Green is such a go-getter he is improving both the far north and far south ends of 5th Street! And on top of all that, he...

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Planners in Action belmont

Jenny Chen

"I’m preserving neighborhood character through zoning remapping."  Jenny Chen has worked on multiple exciting projects since completing CPI! She is currently the Community Development Assistant for...

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Planners in Action point breeze

Bethany Welch

“I mobilize youth to strengthen our neighborhood through place-making.”  Since completing CPI, Bethany has been working in her role as Director of the Aquinas Center to collaborate with a diverse...

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Planners in Action germantown

Julie Stapleton Carroll

“I’m working to re-open a neighborhood school and revitalize our commercial corridor.”  When Germantown High School closed in 2013, Citizen Planner Julie Stapleton Carroll and her neighborhood were...

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